The minstry of For the Life of the World is dependent on the generosity of supporters and friends.

Without you, For the Life of the World would cease to exist. Our commitment to you is this: to produce high-quality, orthodox, and catholic-minded resources for the good of the Lord’s Church by participating in truth, goodness and beauty and by making use of the blessings of modern media and communication.

Our content includes interviews and conversations with pastors, priests, artists, theologians, and practicing faithful ones.
It also includes thoughtful, engaging, and spiritually-directive articles and entries.
Further, we produce classes, material, and educational resources for the benefit of those engaged in pastoral care, church planting, catechesis, and more.

To produce these resources—and to produce them well—requires resources, skills, and time.

Will you help?

Primary Means of Support: Patreon

Our primary means of support comes through Patreon, a website that connects creators with supporters. Patrons can support For the Life of the World with a monthly stipend, and even receive “rewards,” including:

  1. Private channels to ask questions and chat
  2. Receive thank you notes and letters with ministry impact reports
  3. Personalized, supporters-only content
  4. And more

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Secondary Means of Support: PayPal

If you are interested in giving a one-time gift, we accept funds through PayPal. We are thankful for your support.

More Details

All ministries have operating budgets. It’s our goal to be as transparent as possible in regards to our incoming spend and our outgoing needs. While we don’t have a parish building or offices, running an internet ministry still requires upkeep (time) and resources (website hosting, monthly bills for email service providers, etc.)

Currently, this is our operating budget:

Operating Costs

At this point, it requires around $200 a month just to keep the website up and running. However, there are some stretch goals as well, to improve the quality of the resources that we are presently creating. The next large goal is improving the quality of podcasting equipment. While these purchases would be one-time, they would be a large up-front investment.

Thanks for considering contributing to a new internet ministry.