The Essentials

For the Life of the World is a digital production and advertising agency dedicated to conversation about and convergence with the Church’s history and liturgy by means of high-quality and theologically-robust digital resources. We consult with parishes, non-profits, and educational institutions to develop communications strategy and online content. Further, we also create our own informational and catechetical podcast, video, and new media content.

As a full service advertising and marketing agency, we work in every avenue, platform, and medium for digital communication. We handle creative direction, strategy and planning, web design and development, digital audio and video production, corporate and event photography, podcast production, paid search media buying, social media management, data analytics, full-funnel “tech stack” implementation, market research, and more.

Behind the Name

The name “For the Life of the World” originates from the words of Christ in the “Bread of Life Discourse” found in John 6:51: “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.” This powerful phrase is also the title of Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s book on sacramental theology, in which he walks readers through the heavenly journey of the Divine Liturgy. This short statement echos many passages in the canon of the Mass, in which the Faithful partake in the sacraments of the body of Christ as the body of Christ—”that He may dwell in us, and we in Him.”

Because Christ’s sacraments were given for the life of the world, and because we are the mystical body, it is the mission of every Christian to give themselves for the world as well, in evangelism, faithful living, and peace-making. In the 21st century, digital media is a mission field where we feel called to serve. Inspired by the “New Evangelization,” we take cues from Word on Fire, FOCUS, Ascension Presents, Breaking in the Habit, and more.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


We create high quality digital media content for non-profits, parishes, and educational institutions, and also on our platforms and channels.


We guide others towards convergence and conversation with the Church’s history and liturgy through digital media production and consulting. We fill a niche by providing university-level theological resources, best-in-industry digital production, and agency-quality technology and media consulting.

Core Values

We believe in a fundamental "yes saying" to our world

“We must not oppose what is new and try to preserve a beautiful world that is inevitably perishing. Nor should we try to build a new world of the creative imagination that will show none of the damage of what is actually evolving. Rather, we must transform what is coming to be. But we can do this only if we honestly say yes to it and yet with incorruptible hearts remain aware of all that is destructive and nonhuman in it.” (Romano Guardini, Letters from Lake Como

With a posture of charity towards the world—regarding everything from morality to technology—we can look for the good in things and be moved by the beauty that can be drawn from them. What this looks like: we create content for organizations who are characterized not by what they’re against, but by “that for the love of which they do what they do.”

We believe that asceticism is the most compelling narrative for our time

“Only a revived, purged—and lived—form of ‘ascetic’ life will rescue the churches from their current theological divisions and incoherences… and only the same authentically ‘ascetic’ life will be demanding enough to command the respect of a post-Christian world saturated and sated by the commodification of desire.” (Sarah Coakley, The New Asceticism)

Everything in our world—from the Church calendar to our social media practices—can be influenced by the powerful stories that come from the purgative, illuminative, and perfective way of asceticism. What this looks like: we work with organizations who have at their core this same ideal, living joyfully in the Evangelical Counsels.

We believe in a relentless faithfulness towards our Church

“O Jesus, my love, at last I have found my calling: my call is love. Certainly I have found my place in the Church, and you gave me that very place, my God. In the heart of the Church, my mother, I will be love, and thus I will be all things, as my desire finds its direction.” (Therese of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul)

Our loyalty is to the institution by which Christ infuses the world with his grace. As such, our primary focus is on projects that help the Church reach new frontiers, digital or otherwise.

What this looks like: we partner with organizations and individuals whose stories and mission are our own—shared by means of our communion.

Saints and servants who inspire us: St. Paul the Apostle, St. Benedict of Nursia, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Teresa of Ávila, St. John Henry Newman, St. Oscar Romero, Servant of God Dorothy Day.

Staff & Associates

Will Sipling, Executive Director

Hello! Having been in ministry since I was 16 years old (leading Bible studies at local colleges and coffee shops), I’ve always been drawn to effective communication that helps people make decisions. I’ve held various positions in higher education, at churches, and in advertising (in-house, agencies, and freelance), with over 10 years experience in digital media.

After my undergraduate studies in psychology, I earned a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and then an MA in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas (MN). My peer-reviewed writing covers media and cultural studies, psychology, and religion; I’ve been able to present research at the University of Cambridge, Durham University, Loyola, St. Thomas, Ave Maria, among other educational institutions.

Personal Mission Statement:: I’m a social science, ministry, and philosophy researcher who enriches lives and culture through writing, synthesis, and education.

Various Catholic Creative Professionals

As a (currently) small team, we work with freelancers who provide speciality skills to projects. With a staff that scales for your project as the need arises, you can be assured that overhead and staffing costs are kept to a minimum.